Have Yourself a Rustic Kirklands Christmas


Rustic Santa Shelf Sitter $16.99     Plush Frosty Owl $12.99    Winter Birch Tree $19.99    Rustic Christmas Plaques $15.99


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The calendar turns November 1st and I have Christmas on the brain! Christmas has always been my most favorite Holiday & I can’t wait to start decorating & gift shopping!

Who has been stalking Pinterest  looking for new theme ideas for this year? I know I have, and a Rustic Christmas it will be!
I love the neutral colors of rustic wood and after all, nothing says “love” like burlap. I plan on adding some new items to things I already have around the house. Why not use burlap for a table runner? or add fir tree branches and pine cones to your Holiday centerpiece?

I’m a ride or die Kirklands fan, so I challenged myself to find items in their store that I’d love to decorate with this year.
The catch was that nothing could cost more than $19.99 each. I love owls like it’s my job, so of course I had to make sure I included one. I think he’s adorable!

This challenge goes to show you that Holiday decorating really doesn’t need to break the bank.

I definitely won!



6 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Rustic Kirklands Christmas

  1. Yeaaah! I spent last sunday morning on Pinterest 😀 looking for some inspiration and was thinking maybe rustic too. The little owl is indeed cute !Yes my blog is on wordpress, I already started to follow you & I guess it worked. Bisous !


  2. Two years ago I donated all of my Silver/white/blue Christmas decorations when I saw the beautiful rustic decor at the Pottery Barn store near me, then I walked into Walmart not long after & saw they too came out with with rustic decor at much more affordable prices so I racked up. I had the most fun/savings wrapping my gifts in the brown shipping paper and twine! It fits right in with the rest of my home’s decor. Can’t wait to see what items I can add to what I already have this year. Looks like a trip to Kirklands so far 😊


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