The “Skinny” on Counter Tops


Photos via Houzz & Joanna Gaines

I’m super excited to be meeting with a new client on Wednesday to discuss kitchen counter top options for his new build home. The kitchen is the heart of the home and choosing the right counter top is a huge decision. With so many choices, trendy & standard, how do you know which is best for the main focal point in your space?

Everyone has an instant design style they are attracted to, but before you shop for your dream counter top, be sure to check out the advantages (and not so great ones) that you might not know.
You could be saving yourself  alot of work & expense down the road.



Quartz Counter Tops:
Contemporary feel which easily coordinates with most kitchen styles.
Because quartz is a manufactured product, you will find a large variety of colors.
Quartz does not need to be sealed and is very resistant to chipping and cracking easily.
Quartz is a non porous material which will stand up to stains such as juice, wine & coffee.

Pricey…….$80-$100 per square foot.
Quartz is not as heat resistant as granite, so you must use caution with hot pans on the surface.
The seams of manufactured quartz are sometimes noticeable.




Travertine Counter Tops:
Travertine is a natural stone available in many colors & textures.
Perfect material for neutral kitchen decor.
Travertine reflects light complimenting existing glass & tile elements.
Because Travertine is a natural stone it will last many years.

Travertine can be easily damaged by direct heat.
Acid spills such as vinegar, juice & alcohol can easily damage the surface.
High maintenance; Travertine needs to be filled & sealed as it is porous and absorbs stains and food.



Butcher Block Counter Tops:
Warm, farmhouse look for your kitchen.
Perfect choice if you enjoy food preparation and baking.
Hides cuts & scratches.
Once properly sealed, wood counter tops are very sanitary.
Highly heat resistant.

Wood counter tops need to be properly sealed to avoid water damage that can warp the wood.
It is recommended that you oil the butcher block surface every 1-3 months with linseed oil.


Concrete Counter Tops:
Strength! Concrete is very durable & strong & will not easily chip.
Highly customizable with various stains and stamping methods.
Concrete is very energy efficient & holds heat. It will store the heat in your home and release it when the temperature cools down.
Compliments many glass, tile & marble elements.

Needs to be sealed regularly for continued ease of cleaning.
Pricey…..$50 – $140 per square foot installed.
These counter tops are trendy now, but will they be in a few years?




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