EDesigns: Olioboard Style



If you’re a designer, or just a visual person who loves home decor, Olioboard will no doubt make your decorating days brighter! This program allows you to create Edesign boards/Moodboards by giving you a preview of a space before investing money in purchases. We all know that many times things just don’t look the way we envision them in our heads once we start placing them in a room.

As a designer who helps people with  home decor, Olioboard is my “go to” program to create many different room scenarios.
Best of all?……. its super easy to use and FREE!


Talk about user friendly! Everything about the Olioboard program is pretty self explanatory with sub menus displayed on the right of the screen. You can browse by either category or brand and search for specific items by typing it into the search bar.


Standard free features of the program include thousands of product photos, backgrounds & your uploaded images saved under the “My Items” tab. For an additional $8.99 per month, the text & budget features are unlocked. I have not upgraded for the additional monthly fee because I add text to my EDesign boards by saving them as jpegs to my computer,  uploading the photo to Pic Monkey, adding text and resaving to my hard drive. It is an extra step, but not one I mind doing as it only takes a few extra minutes (and Pic Monkey is FREE too).


Do you have a specific room photo saved on your computer that you would like to redesign? No problem…click on the “My Items” tab at the right of the screen and the above pop up box will appear. Just search for your saved image on your computer and hit “upload the items”. Your uploaded images are automatically saved in the Olioboard program for you to use again and again.


One of the first things I do when I visit a new clients home is to take many photos of each room which allows me a blank slate to create a new space. Having been a Polyvore user before discovering Olioboard, but not being able to use  photos from my own computer just wasn’t working for me anymore.

Having the ability to upload your images from your computer makes designing a room so much easier!  You can search and add decor items that are stored within the program itself, or upload additional photos from online stores that you love.



I knew I wanted to showcase this amazing wainscotting wall by adding prints that I found at Restoration Hardware. I saved two different print styles to my computer from the Restoration Hardware website, and with a few clicks of my mouse, I dragged them onto the room photo and was able to show the client exactly how both would look in his den.


If you are a faithful Polyvore user, give yourself a chance to explore Olioboard. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!


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